Mass as an Electromagnetic phenomenon
generalized from the hydrogen atom

This document purports to show that the magnetic field energy of the electron in the ground state hydrogen atom, and its kinetic energy are in fact one and the same.
The "classical" electron radius was originally defined based upon the assumption that the rest mass of the electron and its electrostatic field energy are one and the same.
Here is a Mathcad 7 file containing this "derivation". It can be manipulated using Mathcad, or viewed using Mathcad Explorer.
Here follows a gif version of the same file (obviously for viewing only).
See also the document on the extended model of the hydrogen atom.

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If as concluded above, one should choose to accept that mass is indeed purely electromagnetic, then what of mass changes during nuclear interactions? Surely one must also come to the conclusion that nuclear forces are also electromagnetic in nature?
This has already been done, and worked out in a very neat theory by Theodore M. Lach II, see his Checker Board model. You can also find an article on his model in Infinite Energy magazine Volume 5, issue 30, 2000, page 59.
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