Physics and Humanity

R. van Spaandonk


A New Model of the Hydrogen atom Electron

This model has none of the disadvantages of current model, and has the advantage of demonstrating the equivalence of the magnetic field energy and kinetic energy of the electron.


New States of the Hydrogen Atom

This is a variant on the model of Dr. R. Mills of Brilliant Light Power wherein, however, the model presented above can find a place.

(Non-relativistic derivation)


Hydrino Introduction

A simplified introduction to Hydrinos (short on math).


Fusion Generator Project

            A project proposal for the construction of a lab bench prototype fusion generator with kilowatt power output.

A Future for Humanity

Wherein the danger and some possible solutions are presented.


A Blueprint for Territorial Dispute Resolution

Wars can be divided into two types. Wars between nations, and wars of independence. This document addresses the latter.

It proposes a general solution to all wars of independence, which can be adopted by the global community, and embodied in law. Part of the solution requires that the World Bank  be expanded with a new facility.

Space Elevators


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